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Certified for use in Organic Agriculture by Pro-Cert Organic Systems

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**** We offer two Fish Hydrolysate products in bulk. Fish Hydrolysate (1) 2-0-0 and Fish Hydrolysate (2) 2-3-0. We use a cold pressed natural digestion process to ensure that all the microbes and bacteria are present in the product. We do not extract the fats and oil out of our product. Finally, the big difference with our product is our raw material is the whole fish, including the meat. This gives a very high amino acid table and protein level. The only difference is the added phosphorous. Both products are certified organic. Outdoor application is recommended at 4-6 gallons per acre 2-3 times a year. Greenhouse application is recommended at 15ml Grassoline to every 4L of water. This dilution can be applied daily or every other day to provide a constant level of nutrients to your plants.

Fish Hydrolysate

  • Fish Hydrolysae 2-0-0
  • Fish Hydrolysate 2-3-0

Cubic Yard Totes

  • Gro4 Pro Mix
  • Gro4  Gardens
  • Gro4 Lawns
  • Gro4 Premium Worm Castings

Other Soil Amendments

  • Coco- Coir
  • Perlite
  • Vermiculite
  • Zealite
  • Sphagnum
  • Peat Loam
  • Bat Guano

*** Contact Sales@gro4.ca to get a quote for bulk material and for CUSTOM SOIL BLENDS

Retail Soil Products​  

Premium Soil Amendments

  • 5L Premium Earthworm Castings
  • 20L Premium Earthworm Castings   

Premium Plus Granulated

  • 3 Lbs Premium Plus Granulated
  • 20 Lbs Premium Plus Granulated
  • 44 Lbs Premium Granulated

Premium Pelletized Compost

  • 44 Lbs Premium Pelletized

Compost Tea Available Spring 2015!

*Ask about our Wheat Grass Kits!